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No Exit

Wed 21 Dec 2016 |

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No Exit is a Berlin-style pop-up rave that takes place in various discreet locations across Brooklyn. The venues we employ are not orthodox spaces, but rather raw rooms which are transformed into dark industrial-chic dance-oriented nightclubs. Our team understands the importance of extremely high fidelity audio, lighting design, and top notch booking. Our events are focused on one thing and one thing only: dancing. This is not a social club, entry is not discriminated based on looks or social hierarchy. We take drastic steps to ensure the party is a free and safe space for everyone, hiring a licensed security team who go so far as to cover your phone’s camera with a sticker (no photos!). We also strive to keep tickets and drinks affordable for those who love simply to dance to the best DJs we can find. Unlike a club glued to a permanent location, our parties are all about spontaneity and the unknown. Walking into a No Exit party brings on a feeling of uncertainty and surprise that cannot be replicated by an established venue. Video made in collaboration with No Fun Productions. Thanks to Kevin Walker (Flatbox Records) and Vaughn Hunt (Acid Dad) for co-leading production.